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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need an attorney? Necesito un abogado?

A: Yes and No, it depends on the issue you are facing. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal violation of law, you probably will need an attorney.

If you need to prepare legal documents, chances are you that you will need an attorney.
A: Si y No, depende del tipo de caso que tienes. Si te arrestaron o te estan acusando de un delito criminal, posiblemente si necesitaras un abogado. Si necesitas preparar documentos legales, posiblemente si necesitaras un abogado.

Q: I was arrested but the officer never read me the "Miranda Rights".
    Me arrestaron pero el oficial no me leyo mis derechos.

A: This usually does not mean that you will get "off". The Miranda Warnings only apply to defendants in custody, under arrest, under interrogation, and even then only to statements made by you about the crime. Furthermore, the Miranda only excludes those statements and does not release you from all liability or responsibility. Thus, odds are that this fact alone will not get you "off" on a technicality. There are many reasons your case might be dismissed or "dropped", but this usually is not one of them.
A: Esto no necesariamente significa que tu caso lo van a eliminar. Los Miranda Rights.

Q: If the "cop" doesn't show up, I win ... right? Si el policia no viene a la corte, gano el caso... verdad?

A: Common Myth. This is actually wrong. There are many cases where an attorney can argue for a dismissal; however, the police officer usually has 2 attempts to appear in court. The basic rule of thumb is that everyone gets 1 continuance for good cause, and then after that, it becomes more difficult. So, if the police officer doesn't show up the first time, then usually the Court will continue the case to another date and time for everyone to reappear at that time.

A: Esto es also que muchas personas piensan que puede pasar. Pero no es asi. Hay muchos casos en donde el abogado puede luchar porque le desechen el caso; pero, el policia tiene usualmente 2 atentos para volver a la corte. La regla es que todos tienen el derecho a 1 continuacion por una causa buena, pero despues de la primera continuacion, se hace mas dificil las demas continuaciones. Entonces si el policia no viene el dia de la primera fecha de la corte, la Corte continuara el caso para otra fecha en donde todos puedan venir.


Q: Do I have to show up to court or can my lawyer be there without me? Tengo que ir a la corte o simplemente mi abogado va por mi?

A: Most of the time you will have to show up to your court date, unless we can waive your appearance, but these are few cases.
A: La mayoria de las veces tendras que ir a la corte el dia que te toca, a menos que podamos renunciar tu presencia, pero estos casos son raros.


Q: Do I have to bring any documents to my consultation with the lawyer? Tengo que traer algun documento a mi consulta con mi abogado?

A: Yes. Any document relevant to your case will help us understand better your situation.

A: Si. Cualquier documento que sea relevante a su caso para ayudarnos a entender mejor su situacion.